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Bluetooth-Enabled Home Products

The Home Netwerks™ brand has a wide range of Bluetooth®-enabled home products that allow you to enjoy your music with convenience and ease.

Home Netwerks™ provides products you need in your home, with the added feature of Bluetooth® Connectivity and Speakers to add rich quality sound. These products include innovative bath fans, LED Mirrors, showerheads, and more.

The Bluetooth® connectivity automatically pairs with the user's smart phone, tablet or laptop when in 30 feet of the speaker after initial set-up.

Simple Home Upgrades

Homeowners are often looking for simple ways to make their time at home more enjoyable and relaxing.

Home Netwerks™ products are designed not only to be highly functional in your home but also to make connectivity and music streaming even more effortless for the plugged-in homeowner.

Home Netwerks Bluetooth Bath Fan with LED Light
Installation Video


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