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Specialty Faucets

From the school to the workshop,
our specialty faucets are right at home.


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Specialty Faucets for your Home

Homewerks makes a number of specialty faucets for use in your home.  Whether you are using a laundry faucet, kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet or our water filtration faucet, we make sure that our products reliably deliver easy access to water at all times.

Faucets for Schools and Other Locations

Our specialty faucets are designed to show up in any location, including schools.  Whether on the playground or in the cafeteria using our water fountains, we ensure our products are durable and reliable.


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Our customers are important to us.  So when you have a question, we want to hear it.  Firsthand.  That’s why all calls go directly to our own Homewerks Customer Service team.  No scripts.  Just helpful humans and quick answers.

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