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Plumbing Specialties

Whether connecting two different materials or
splitting water ways, we have a product for your project.

Plumbing Specialties

Dielectric Unions
Dielectric unions are used to join pipes made from dissimilar metals to avoid electrolysis, which leads to corrosion and pipe failure. They are made of 2 metals, for example, galvanized steel and lead-free brass. Plumbing codes in all states require the use of dielectric unions when connecting dissimilar metals.

PVC Specialties
Specialty PVC fittings can be used in many applications where an ordinary fitting will not. Durable and strong, specialty PVC fittings such as unions, repair couplings, adapter T’s, etc. are easily installed. PVC Specialty fittings are long-lasting and can withstand exposure to different elements and environments without cracking or fading.

Water Hammer Arrestors
Fix the knocking noise in your pipes by using Homewerks Water Hammer Arrestors. The banging sound in your pipes is caused by sudden stop in the flow of high speed water resulting in an increase in pressure. Water Hammer Arrestors absorb the shock created by the spike in pressure to stop the banging and prevent pipe damage. Homewerks Water Hammer Arrestors are designed for residential use and can be used for up to 3 plumbing fixtures. Various connection sizes and types are offered for your convenience.

CPVC Transition Fittings
For use to connect CPVC and metal water pipes.


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