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Utility Fan Patents:

8,763,750 B1      Audio equipped fan - This is a continuation of the 9,609,407 B2 patent which was filed first but issued after 8,763,750 B1.  This patent has “apparatus” claims which describe the fan while the 9,609,407 B2 patent has “methods” claims which detail methods of manufacturing.

9,344,787 B2      Audio equipped fan - This is a continuation patent of the 8,763,750 B1 with additional claims describing an actuator which can be toggled on and off a number of times such that only the speaker will work.

9,398,357 B2      Audio equipped fan - This is a continuation patent of 9,344,787 to include a BT fan with the blue and white lighting array

9,609,407 B2      Method of manufacturing an audio equipped fan assembly as in 8,763,750 B1 – Patent with detail on the method of manufacturing the BT fan.  This is based on the first patent application filed for the BT fan, although the patent was issued after the others.


Fan Design Patents:

D745,652              Fan Grille

D752,199              Bath  Fan with Speaker

D752,202              Fan Grille

D808,001             Square  Fan Grille

29/646,460          (Patent App. No.)  Ventilation Fan with Light (round edge-lit fan)


Other Utility Patents

9,584,892 B2      Speaker and Showerhead Assembly - A speaker assembly as having a shower device, a housing having openings through which sound may travel, and two speakers contained in the housing that project sound through the openings.

9,458,610 B2      Plumbing Connector - A plumbing connector for the outlet portion of a toilet water input hose. The plumbing connector may have a circular body (e.g., cylindrical body) having multiple flanges radially extending from the circular body.


Other Design Patents

D753,264              Showerhead

D715,902              Plumbing Fastener

D717,408              Plumbing Fastener