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Ball Valves

Homewerks ball valves are constructed to last longer and create a reliable shut-off.

Ball valves control flow regulation with a quarter turn and perforated and pivoting ball.

Brass Ball Valves
Homewerks brass ball valves come fitted with Teflon enforced seats and seals to reduce the risk of valve leakage.  In addition to a quarter turn handle to operate as an on/off system, they are also corrosion resistant.

PVC Ball Valves
PVC ball valves control water flow in a PVC piping system, creating a complete shut-off with a quarter turn handle to operate as an on/off system. PVC systems can only be used with cold water and are not for installation behind the wall.

CPVC Ball Valves
Durable CPVC ball valves create a complete shut-off to control the flow of a CPVC piping system and are able to withstand both cold and hot water. The quarter turn handle operates the on and off function.  CPVC valves can also be used for behind the wall installations.

Italian Valves

Italian Ball Valves
The highest quality ball valve available is constructed with a durable double O-ring and produced with consistent finishing and forging for unmatched reliability.  They  use a quarter turn handle to operate as an on/off system. 

Italian Gas Valves
Superior craftsmanship makes our gas valves the highest quality available.  Designed for reliability, they are one piece forged brass with a mechanical safety stop to prevent accidental opening of valve and a quarter turn handle to operate as an on/off system. 

In-Line Valves

Gate Valves
Our multi-turn valve provides reliable, tight shut-off. The gate opens and shuts for fully open or fully closed water flow. 

Swing Check Valves
Homewerks swing check valves keep water from backing up into a municipal water supply and prevents backflow from wells and boiler systems.  Recommended for residential and commercial applications, they come with a screwed cap, swing type disc and integral seat. The brass design provides durability.

Stop & Waste Valves
Homewerks multi-purpose in-line shutoff valve is for use in low-pressure, domestic water systems. Suitable for stopping, controlling and regulating the supply of water flow. The waste or drain water held in the valve and pipes on the outlet side of the valve drains through a port on the valve when the valve is closed, and the waste port is opened.

Hose End Valves

Hose Bibb
Choose Homewerks hose bibbs for outside the home water access. Both quarter turn and multi-turn styles are available.

Sillcock Valves
For outside the home water access, we offer Homewerks offers both regular and frost free with anti-siphon that complies with ASSE 1019-A.  Quarter turn and multi-turn styles are available.

Garden Valve
Homewerks garden valve for outdoor hose use provides a positive shut-off on vertical irrigation piping.

Washing Machine Valves
Homewerks washing machine valves shut off the flow of hot and cold water to the supply lines connected to your washing machine.

Boiler Valves
To drain water or release sediment from a boiler, Homewerks' boiler drain valve gets the job done.  It also has multi-purpose use as a hose connection outlet for external water service and in a laundry tub for washing machine hook-up.  


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