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Bath Fan with Bluetooth® Speaker, LED Light & Night Light - 110 CFM, 1.5 Sones

  • Bathroom exhaust fan with wireless Bluetooth Speakers and LED light
  • Delivers crisp, clear audio up to 30 ft. away
  • After initial set-up, your device pairs automatically when in range of speaker
  • Very quiet bath fan (1.5 sones) with air movement up to 110 CFM
  • Integrated LED delivers 600 lumens of cool white light (4000K CCT)
  • Soothing amber night light for a calming experience
  • Cool blue night light to reflect the ambience of nighttime
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Galvanized steel construction resists corrosion
  • UL certified and HVI listed
  • Includes quick connect wire connectors for easy installation

Product Description

Featuring a Bluetooth® enabled stereo speaker as well as an integrated LED light and night lights, this Homewerks bathroom exhaust fan is perfect for the tech-savvy homeowner with a desire to stream audio into their bathroom. Since the Bluetooth stereo speaker is connected directly into the bath fan wiring, there is no need to recharge the speaker. The downlight is a 4000K CCT cool white light. For night light options, choose between a soothing amber and a calming cool blue ambience.


Collection name
Home NetWerks
Grille width
15 in.
Grille length
15 in.
Housing width
9.25 in.
Housing length
9.25 in.
Maximum room size
100 sq. ft.
Air volume (CFM)
100 CFM
Duct compatibility
4 in.
Fan sound level (sones)
1.5 sones
LED light, LED night light, Bluetooth speaker, Remote control
Grille shape
Housing material
Galvanized steel
Installation type
Integrated heater
Humidity sensor
Motion sensor
Speaker included

Installation & Support


Switch Un-Pairing
1.) Using toggle switch turn all fans off
2.) Go to one fan and turn it on/off 5 times. Different features of the fan will come on every time.
3.) Once you get to the blue flashing light press the MUSIC button
4.) Once blue light stops flashing process is complete
5.) Repeat to other fans
Switch Pairing
1.) Using toggle switch turn all fans off
2.) Go to one fan and turn it on/off 5 times. Different features of the fan will come on every time.
3.) Once you get the blue flashing light press the LIGHT button
4.) Once the blue light stops flashing and becomes solid blue pairing is complete.
5.) Turn paired fan off and repeat step 1-4 with additional fans.
If the white light comes on pairing was not successful

A: Do you hear a chime when you activate the Bluetooth? Disconnect the black wire that connects the speaker up into the fan body.  Re-connect making sure the side arrows are aligned. Turn fan on and press music and you should hear a chime.

A: Yes, when installed in a GFCI protected circuit. A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is a device that shuts off an electric power circuit when it detects that current is flowing along an unintended path, such as through water or a person.

A: Connect grounding wires to your home ground wire.

A: No.  This device functions with Bluetooth and not Wi-Fi.

A: No

A: The buttons on the remote do not push in and there are no lights on the remote. The top part that looks like a light is the sensor and needs to be pointed at the fan. The remote only functions when music is in progress through the bath fan. The battery should be installed in the remote so that the smooth side (will have a + sign) faces the back of the remote. Battery is CR 2032.

A: No. Timers and/or humidity sensors cannot be installed with the fans.

A: No, Bluetooth® speaker fans are only designed to be mounted in the ceiling.

A: Room: Yes, however they will need to be wired separately and will not play music from the same Bluetooth® enabled device at the same time. House: Yes, they can be installed in more than one bathroom, but will not play music from the same device at the same time.